Happy birthday, Lee Seunghoon! #LeeSeunghoonDay

"If I had to assess them with scores, it’s around 70 points. If this friend (Seunghoon) goes into this team, he’s the type of person who will make it rise to 140 points." - Yang Hyun Suk

The first time many of us saw you was when you appeared on KPOPSTAR. You were just an ordinary kid that loves dancing and an amateur rapper. Through all your hard work and passion, you managed to rise to the TOP 4, making you the last male contestant standing on the show. You always put on entertaining performances with your own written lyrics. It’s no wonder why you have already earned the title of an artist. One of the amazing things about you is how much you progressed and improved since then. Now, you are such a talented rapper and choreographer. Your dance skills and choreography are like a work of art. You are truly the “mainstay for performance.” 

You also carry an abundance of joy that brings us fans many laughter and smiles. Your enthusiastic and loud character overflows and brightens up the mood. We’re happy to see that you’ve fulfilled your dream of entering YG and we hope to see you accomplish more as well continuing to grow and become the best!

January 11th — Happy birthday to our hip hop baby lion Lee Seung Hoon! We all wish you a happy 22nd (23rd in Korea) birthday! Good luck on your debut with WINNER and know that we’ll always be cheering you on from your first step all the way along your road to success and beyond! Love you! ♥

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    Happy birthday, Lee Seunghoon! #LeeSeunghoonDay "If I had to assess them with scores, it’s around 70 points. If this...
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